Carbon Neutral Deliveries

carbon-nutralWe send thousands of items a year to our happy customers, so if we're not careful about how we do this then we have a huge impact on the environment. That's why when we went out to find our courier service, their approach to the environment was on top of our list. It's one of the main reasons we chose Interlink Express (part of DPD Group) and world renowned UPS.

Interlink's commitment is to make every parcel they deliver carbon neutral, for all our customers and at no extra cost.

To offset our remaining transport emissions, Interlink finance renewable and cleaner energy production projects by purchasing carbon credits. Together with EcoAct, the European leader on the carbon market, they have put in place an offsetting program respecting the most rigorous international standards.

Here's how they do it:

By improving the efficiency of the Interlink Express transport network, by delivery route optimisation for example
By the deployment of innovative solutions, like Predict or Pickup
By an increased use of alternative fuel vehicles

Please watch this short video to findout more.