Dashcam Accident Road Recorders and their Benefits

A dashcam recorder captures images as well as sound. Dashcam recorders have continued to gain popularity in the automobile industry because of their numerous benefits. The camera records everything taking place inside and outside the car and the devices are used by regular drivers, taxi drivers, driving instructors and bus drivers among other road users. Road users can combine the cam recorders with other technologies such as GPS devices for different purposes. [...]

Welcome to the New Spesa Site

Our new site has launch. Sparkly, fresh and bright Pink. We've been working on this for sometime now so we can offer a new and great experience to our customers as well as support our continued growth.[...]

Smarter Wifi Coffee Machine Unboxing

This coffee machine is wifi enabled and makes your coffee without you even having to get out of your chair. #newage[...]

Facebook and Twitter here we come...

So, we've taken the plunge. We're now fully fledged Facebook and Twitter users and starting to build our profile up. As with all things, we'll start slowly but we hoping to have quite a follwing within six months. [...]

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